It’s Just Not News…

April 17, 2014

I happened to flick on Good Morning America this morning just in time to catch a story about QVC host Lisa Robertson living in fear due to stalking.  While I don’t normally give “news” stories which air on GMA any credence – I decided to do a Google search to see if this one was splashed all over the Net.  And yes, it was splashed all over the Net, in all its gory “not news you need to know about” detail.

Now before you pass judgment on me due to insensitivity about Lisa’s plight – let me be the first to say that I understand how she feels – because I’ve been stalked before as well.  In fact, I can easily say that the incidences of stalking that I’ve been through far exceed Lisa’s.  And accordingly, some of the stalkings I’ve been through have been quite bizarre.

For example, I was working a retail gig, selling furniture back in the 80’s.  I had just grown out a full beard to give my face a break from shaving every day.  One day I was talking to a customer about some chairs he was interested in – when all of the sudden a woman runs up to us and starts yelling at me.  “YOU NEED TO CUT THAT BEARD OFF – I’VE BEEN WATCHING YOU GROW THAT THING OUT– AND I’M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW THAT I DON’T LIKE IT!”  She went on to say that she no longer liked me because of the beard and would not purchase any furniture from me.  She then stomped off, leaving me as well as the customer speechless and in utter disbelief.

Now getting back to Lisa’s issues with stalking.  In no way am I belittling Lisa because of what she is going through because of these morons.  In fact, anyone who sits around all day lusting after QVC hosts has got some serious mental issues. But is that news?  Definitely not – because there are a lot of other issues going on in this world that are news.

Do you think that I’m being insensitive to Lisa Robertson? Leave a comment.

News source: GMA.


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